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Press release Finnigans Bar and Restaurant in Larnaca is honored to host the renowned Cypriot artist Marina Yiannou Erotokritou and her latest artwork “Transition”, on the 30th of September where all art lovers are invited to the artist’s voyage into “Transition” experience. “Transition” – “Μετάβαση” In this exhibition, we see the artist Marina Yiannou Erotokritou turning into her inner world in an effort to balance her psychic world with realism which encompasses her as an artist.

The artist is isolated in her studio in an effort to turn her work of art into a holy prayer and purification, preparing her for the “Transition” into the calmness of her inner soul. In the process of this Transition, the artist is trying to harmonize the past and the present but her ultimate goal is a Transition into a harmonious future. Her painting pallet is rich and vivid, full of colors and contrasts, leading and cleansing her steps in a solid path. Serenity is the unique desired element and even the darkest pieces can find a place in this puzzle, but not before they become the cause to strengthen and enlighten the creative voyage of the artist into “Transition”. Anastasia Papadaki (Author-Poetess)

Operating hours are 5:00pm – 11:00pm

Address: Finnigans Bar and Restaurant in Larnaca

Adjacent to K Cineplex Larnaca  c/o Pelloponisou Street and Potamou

Indou Street no.

Tel. 24 819024

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