CYPRUS FASHION MODELS AWARDS 2019! Winners: Ultimate winner: Marilia Fysentzides, King: Yiannis Xidias, Queen: Marina Isupova, Princess: Marielena Georgiou, Prince: Άγγελος Γεωργίου , Photogenic: Chryso Savva, Body: Evridiki Ioannou and Swtia Eleftheriou, Catwalk: Radina Rosenova, Personalty: Lielia Brezghina & Larisa Kamberi and Publicity: Rafaela Kasian. Well done to all? Thank you Anna RozAnemona for the deco and flowers and Athena Zaoura from Accessories for the Tiaras

This year main presenter of the 7th Cyprus Fashion Models Awards was Helena Pieridou.  Helena is a famous Cypriot actress that also worked in the fashion industry as a model.  CYPRUS FASHION MODELS AWARDS (CFMA) took place at LE BAY HOTEL, Larnaca on Wednesday 11th of September 2019 at 7:00 p.m.


For the 7th consecutive year, Fashion Models Awards awards the best models on the island for the 2109!

The FASHION MODELS AWARDS is the biggest modelling competition that takes place in Cyprus, with more than 50 models participating for the AWARD!


DATE OF CEREMONY: Wednesday 11th of September 07:30-00:30

PLACE: Le Bay Hotel Larnaca

COMMITTEE: 40 (forty) distinguished committee members from the fashion industry, media, celebrities etc

AWARDS: – MAIN 12+: 10 prizes / 5 categories (see below) – KIDS 5-11: 1 prize

PRESENTER: Main: Vaso Petrou / Co-presenters (Zacharias Petrou, Elena Tsiakoupi, Georgia Demetriou)

HEAD OF THE COMMITTEE: Zacharias Petrou (Fashion PR & Marketeer, Owner of ‘monoena’ boutique)


Male & Female between the ages 5+ years old from all nationalities.

1) Ultimate (1st Male or Female in total points – (€2000 in presents)
2) King (1st Male [2nd Male if the Ultimate winner is a Male] in total points)
3) Queen (1st Female [2nd Female if the Ultimate winner is a Female] in total points)
4) Prince (1st Male in total points under the age of 15)
5) Princess (1st Female in total points under the age of 15)
6) Photogenic (most photogenic model)
7) Body (model with the best body shape / fitness)
8) Publicity (model with the most popular photo and votes of the public at the Ceremony)
9) Catwalk – Posing (best posing model on Catwalk / Runway Performance)
10) Personality (model with the best Personality)

Participation and info: 99516537  / 24253945 Blurred Mag