During the 2018 Researchers’ Night that was held in Limassol for the 12th consecutive year Dr. Vasos Karagiorgis was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Research” by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) for his valuable contribution to archaeological research and to the world scientific community.

The prize is one of the highest distinctions in Cyprus and is awarded to prominent personalities for their contribution to research. Counting 65 years of scientific supply and rich work, Dr. Vasos Karagiorgis is one of the most emblematic forms of the science of Archeology in Cyprus and internationally.

The prize was designed and created by Savvas Mallas; manager of Mallas Fine Jewelry in Larnaka. The impressive award has a spiral form made in hand using silver 925. It was inspired by Fibonacci and Archimedean spirals, and the piece’s abstract execution represents the anxious and restless spirit of the researcher.