Saro Jacques is a brilliant fashion designer that will participate with his designs in an amazing fashion show the second day, Sunday 14th of April at 18:45 of Blu Diamond Fashion Days, the biggest fashion event in Cyprus. Blu Diamond Fashion Days takes place at Limassol Marina on the 13th & 14th of April. Blu Diamond Fashion Days is a Fashion Week Concept that has as a MISSION: To present in “high end” Fashion Shows the new collections of local and international Designers and Boutiques for the Spring – Summer 2019 Season!

Saro Jacques stands for couture with attitude, he is creating modern-day luxury women’s wear since 2011 with specific attention to detail, originality and craftsmanship that mainly fall back on a Haute Couture background while staying true to Armenian-Lebanese origins. Identity is being a core value for him. The Saro Jacques fashion house promises exclusive and one of a kind pieces, making each creation stand out with couture techniques applied with a modern twist to craft the perfect garment for each woman.

This capsule collection takes place in a dream. Pastel colours, smoke like fabrics as well as hand beaded details, that shows you a glimpse of what it’s like to live within the deepest desires of a Saro Jacques woman. Just like the stages of a dream, the season-less range flows through emotions, thus being forever timeless.

Saro Jacques will participate in Blu Diamond Fashion Days on 14th of April at 18:45.

Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ goal is to be the most prestigious and cutting-edge fashion event on the island! Promoting fashion in a Fashion Week concept event!


After the great success of Blu Diamond Fashion Day in November 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Blurred Magazine organize the two day-event ‘Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ (BDFDs), this time in Limassol, Trakasol.

Who can participate?

Designers and Boutiques

There will be a total of 9 shows over the two-day duration in April of the event as follow:

Saturday 13th:

17:30 Fashion Show 1

19:00 Fashion Show 2

20:30 Fashion Show 3

Sunday 14th:

15:00 Fashion Show 1

16:15 Fashion Show 2

17:30 Fashion Show 3

18:45 Fashion Show 4

20:00 Fashion Show 5

21:15 Fashion Show 6


Contact: 00357 99516537 l 97 906583 l 24253945



23/1 15:00-18:30 = 3.5 hours
25/1 13:00-15:45 = 2.45 hours
30/1 16:45-18:00 = 1.25 hours