The brand ROTS was founded in May 2017 by Cypriot designer Andrea Rots.

Andrea Rots is a fashion designer, visual artist, a collector and creator of mementos and ephemera. An explorer of conceptions and perceptions, an inquisitive dreamer.

She was always a wild one, a weird one. The one dressed in black who lives to dream and dares to venture; questioning pretty much everything and everyone. Her competent and adaptable personality along with her never resting mind is what gives her power to dream big and challenge her self constantly.

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In 2014 she graduated from Kingston University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design.
In June 2015 she graduated from Polimoda Institute with an MA in Fashion Brand Management.

ROTS is a limited-edition, iconoclastic brand that creates mysterious, seductive and erratic fantasies and invites everyone to ‘role play’.

Focused on womenswear oftentimes fusing the two genders.

Rotswear is mostly black with a touch of color, offering a modern elegance with some fetishistic elements.

A new aesthetic.

-A mysteriously seductive and erratic juxtaposition of the norm.-

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ROTS loves to collaborate with young artists of any field to create new fantasies. You can send her an email at or find ROTS on social media. ( ) (