Penelope Constantinou was selected to participate in many international exhibitions this year. In July 2017 she went to Venice to participate in 2 international exhibitions one with Anima Mundi at Palazzo Ca Zanardi and the other at AccorsiArte Gallery. She was also selected for another 3 in September 2017 one in Venice the second in Torino and a third one in NY.

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Her artwork was selected for the big exhibition that takes place at Paris at Carrusel Du Louvre on the 20th of October 2017 by the International Art Director and critic Dr. Maria Grazia Todaro from Venice and who is based in Padua, Italy.

Penelope Constantinou artist and portraitist, spent most of her life and career outside Cyprus. First she graduated the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence in Italy and right after she moved to USA where she did further Art related studies and lived for many years untill she moved back to Cyprus in 2005. Penelope has done 26 solo exhibitions and participated in 48 (28 of them international) group exhibitions. As a portraitist she has done more than 7,000 portraits which are found all over the world and the love of her 142,000 portraits fans is seen in her facebook page Penelope Constantinou Art & Portraits.

Her art is found in many individual and state collections around the world. Penelope seeks through symbolism in her work to pass on to the viewer the messages that for her are of vital importance. She believes Art has a role not only in aesthetics but also in changing the world and bettering our Culture and Civilization especially in our days when the planet itself suffers and the populations are being controlled, confused and unfocused. She uses a minimal abstract form figure, like a siluette to symbolize Man not only as body bad also as a spirit. Sometimes this figure is presented with long garments like an ancient greek figure. But again minimal in form. Amongst other symbols she uses the book to symbolize knowledge or wisdom or the tree to symbolize life itself or evolution, birds to symbolize freedom, a road to symbolize the route of Man through time or his road towards his dreams and goals. She uses her own dinstict technique that personalizes her style. Since young age, her awareness of Man, his level of survival and his future, concerned her immensely.

She strongly believes in the spirit as the power of Man and as the solution to all the problems of Man towards his Eternal Quest and Conquering of the Physical Universe and his INFINITE IDEAL SURVIVAL. This has been always reflected in her work especially in recent times that our planet Earth, where life takes place is at high risk. NO PLANET means NO LIFE. There is nothing more important than this problem to solve and through her Art she tries to awake each one of us to take action. Her paintings that she shows in Venice and the Carrusel Du Louvre have very strong messages. From the Venice exhibitions the painting #1 is called “Spirituality” and painting #2 is called “Ta panta rei” (=all flows) from the quote of Heraclitus that things never stay steady but flow and change. And for the Louvre exhibition the painting #3 is called “History” .


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