How did you come to the idea to make a blog?

The idea of ​​creating my own blog was first because I love writing, and because that way I can transmit my information and knowledge through blogging. I can help many women out there who need tips / solutions / ideas on various fashion and style issues. Every blog helps other people in their own way.

What is the best way to find a suitable style of clothes?

The right way is to have must-have items to your wardrobe like the little black dress or a skinny jean, that are both timeless and versatile. So they can support different styles easily, don’t afraid to experiment to find out what clothes flatter your figure and express your unique personality.

Have you got a wish to design your own clothing line or a cosmetic brand?

I had not thought about it until now, I believe that starting a business and developing a brand requires a lot of time and energy. This is a big risk nowadays. But never say never!

Will you tell me one of the cosmetic products that like must be for you? And one more that you consider useless in the makeup industry? 

One of the products I always have in my bag is my nude lipstick. I also think that there is no product in the field of makeup that is not useful. Everything is just as useful and when I wouldn’t get any of them out. Personally, I don’t use all products because I’m not a makeup artist either.

How many red lipsticks do you need to be happy?

I don’t want to end up with a huge amount of red lipstick, but I want enough to have a variety.

Do you remember your first cosmetic product? What exactly was it? 

My first cosmetic product I used was a transparent lipstick. Love it until today!

What is your beauty secret? 

The secret of every person beauty is the happiness that comes from within, to be surrounded with people who have positive energy, love. This is my biggest beauty secret. Of course it is very important for me to take care of my skin quite often with good and natural products and focus on quality rather than quantity!

What kind of clothes do you never wear?

Certainly I would never wear clothes that i do not feel comfortable or flatter me. I’m not one of the women who go with fashion, especially if it’s something that doesn’t suit me I won’t wear it!

What clothes do you pay attention first when you meet someone?

Hm, now I’m gonna make you laugh a little with my answer but for the beginning I don’t see any styling, I’ll notice if someone is well-groomed and especially if their shoes are clean. I’ll tell you why I say that, I always see well-dressed people out there whose shoes are dirty and with stickers underneath, for me that is very wrong !!! 

What is your personal motto? 

I have 2 motos! The first is “Everything happens for a reason” and the second “Never say never”

Do you analyse your blog time to time? How to improve it?

There is control over my blog you mean by me constantly but also by my team. We’re constantly trying to upgrade it and get better, and that is why we have not lost my audience so far, but on the contrary we are gaining more and more people who are sending me quite often different messages.

What usual age do your followers have? Are they factually teenagers or middle-aged persons?

My audience is of different ages because I try to reach as many people as possible with my suggestions and my goal of self-belief has been achieved.