1. What is your background and studies?

Born in 1997 in Beirut. I graduated from school in 2015 and I started studying architecture in ALBA (academie libanaise in beaux arts) in Beirut. I am studying architecture because I knew that this major was for me. Merging abstract, reality, philosophy and art. Architecture is more than a job. It is a way of living, a way of thinking. And being an architect is not only by drawing plans and sections it is being an artist with a vision.

  1. How did you start your career and what were your first steps?

I want to say that I always remember myself painting, drawing and wanting to create. But my career was not easy at all, I started to develop my skills by myself. by drawing my daily life activities every day. Going to art school was temporary because I was not satisfied. Till the day I met a friend and a colleague William Abdel Nour. We work together we achieve together and we paint together. Each one has a vision of art and transmit it on his white canvas.

  1. What does your work aim to say?

My work always aim to send a message. I push the viewer of my paintings to think and to look deeper… Every piece of my work have a message because to be an artist is more than a hobby it is  a responsibility they have a big role in society. Creating art which is very important and essential to this world. Art make the world better they add magic they push the imagination to the top. Art is for all and from all. They transmit a message and experience, they represent a landscape or a moment with color and sensation.

  1. Who are your biggest influences?

My influences come from what’s around me. The first one is the Mediterranean the feeling and sensation of this region. Being a Mediterranean is not by birth. But a way of living and a way of thinking. The second one is from the people around me, and from the experience of life. What inspires me the most are feelings and emotions so when I am full of these, I explode my sensation on the canvas.

  1. Is there an artwork here you are most proud of? Why?

I am proud of each of my work. I give my full energy on each one and they are all special. But to be honest I came to this event because it is in Cyprus a typical Mediterranean country. So “the dance of the sun” who represent the sunset in a Mediterranean city is very special to me and specially here in Larnaca. In this painting we can see the dance of color in a Mediterranean sky. And the contrast of the skyline city who watch with passion the sunset.

  1. Which current art world trends are you following?

To be honest with you I appreciate every art world trend and respect it. But in my opinion I follow and watch the ancient art and technique because they are the reason we are here. So admiring and learning from them is very important for me to build a good and healthy art world.

  1. What do you like about your work?

Talking about my works is like a mother talking about her children. I admire every single piece of work that I have done. Because each one of them is special each one of them was made with a specific sensation in a specific time. So finally what I like the most is the magic and life that each one diffuse.

  1. How do you navigate the art world?

As I told you before my love for the Mediterranean is incomparable. Enjoying narrow roads in Lefkara or enjoying the shore in Italy is my main art navigation. But for the future I am very optimistic to navigate the north and middle Europe art world specially that my goals are to participate in Luxembourg art prize and the biennale of Larnaca. So discovering other culture and different art is very important.

  1. How do you price your work?

As every person know, a piece of art has no material value and it is priceless. But for me as an artist we are obliged to price our work. So the price depends on the time spent on the work to realize it, the material and specially the subject…

  1. Describe your practice/profession with 5 words

It’s difficult to summarize art in words because words are not enough to describe art. But I will describe my profession and practice by creation by passion by sensation by simplicity all of my artwork transmit joy, life and specially happiness.


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