Constantinos was born and raised in Nicosia- Cyprus. He studied (BA) Business and Marketing Communications in Cyprus. With a fashion background in his family, he always had passion about design & creativity. Since 2009 he is the creative director of the brand ‘FashionVictim’. In 2012 he decided to launch his own label.

Transformation and multi-functionality is the key element of all his collections. The garments are made up in a way that covers a wide range of body types & styles. The philosophy of the brand is to offer to its clientele the ability to create and transform each garment in a way that they feel is well-suited with their body type.

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Constantinos Fall 2018

A collection inspired from Rock & Romantic looks, Constantinos managed to connect those 2 opposite moods together to his collection, based on white and black and also on colors like somon, powder pink, blue, wine red and many more. Constantinos, combined fabrics like silk, leather, chiffon fabric, satin, lace, fur fabric and more. Leather regarding rock style and lace to create the Rock and Romantic mood.

A collection that its suitable for all ages and all sizes. Creations due to their diversity, women can wear from morning until night, from a dinner to a wedding party, it completes all the range.

Fall 2018 by Constantinos is available at MDM Boutique in Nicosia and their online shop with free shipping all over Cyprus

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