The Cyprus Diaries


“The Cyprus Diaries” is a 50-minute long continuous concept album, second in the series following the success of Rat’s debut LP “Around The World In 80 Riddims”, which was an homage to world music via a bass producer’s point of view.


The album tells the story of Cyprus’ recent history, from the beginning of the 20th century until today. As time does not pause or stand still, so does the album flow in continuous manner without breaks between its songs. Each song marks a specific moment in time, a historic landmark, an event of great significance, and each era is pointed out in a different manner.  Some use the timbre and choice of the instruments or historic speeches from the country’s leaders and some simply leave the emotion guide the listener to the desired point in time.


This piece of music is not meant to represent any nationalist or political ideologies and should be regarded as a tribute to traditional Cypriot music and history, infused within various sub-genres of techno and electronica. It is an emotional map of recent events from the producer’s perspective.




The Guest Artists

Stelios Mousarris (The Cyprus Diaries – Album Presentation, 01/09/2017)

 Stelios Mousarris is a young designer specialising in high-end furniture. Stelios’ approach to design is blending the mind-bending with the organic, the playful nostalgia with the classy chic and the functionality with the ergonomic. He reached international critical acclaim with his “Wave City Coffee Table”, and having his ground-breaking work displayed on the world’s most prestigious publications as well as participating in “Dubai Design Days” in 2017. His follow up designs did not fall short as he continues to wow the design world every day that goes by with products such as the “Rocket Table”, “Doodle Desk” and “Kanata”.

For the “Depth Elevation” exhibition series, Stelios will be exploring his second passion in life; photography. Staying in the theme of Cyprus culture and history, Stelios will be presenting a series of the island’s landscapes, digitally manipulated and printed on transparent slides. The reason behind the transparent slide is the homonym nature of the word “transparent”.  One being the material qualities, which is to allow light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. And secondly the “easy-to-perceive” meaning of the word; the obvious, explicit and unambiguous content of the images that is unmistakably understood by the viewers.



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Event info

 Music producer Rat and visual artist Markos Kassinos return to Peri Technis with the continuation of their previous widely received and successful audio/visual exhibition “Depth Perception”.

The duo explores low-fi electronica in three-dimensions, depth, height and width, with each dimension being represented by an independent audio/visual medium.

Each session is autonomous and delves into the qualitatively and quantitatively defined physical characteristics (space, time and matter) of various sub-cultures and sub-genres.

As a whole, the trio of events aims to immerse visitors in a deep sentiment, elevating and exponentially scaling as the exhibition reaches its closure.


Event Dates

Friday 04 August: Urbansphere – Raw Cuts and Instrumentals

Guest: Ioannis Kouzapas


Friday 18 August: Rhythmic Noise – Forward Thinking

Guests: Andreas Santis & Georgia Pozotou


Friday 01 September: The Cyprus Diaries – Album Presentation

Guest: Stelios Mousarris