The work of the artist Can Pekdemir is a work which is hard not to notice since it’s a unique and extraordinary way for anyone to express through photography!

Can Pekdemir is a conceptual artist from Istanbul who is working on deformation and abstraction of body forms using several procedures, as well as focusing on remote urban places using photography as a means of documentation. The artist also blends sculpture, photographs, and 3D to form mysterious figures.

Pekdemir investigates the limits between dimensions, the simulated and physical universes, and he does that with much successfulness. People as spectators have come to acknowledge photography as a means that apprehends a millisecond of reality and truth. Thus, when he tosses in twisted and deformed human-like sculptures and introduces them as framed printouts, he puts people out of balance.

Also, he has accomplished precisely what modern art should have and he makes the spectator question all the things they know, and dream about the things that are not yet conceivable. Pekdemir is an expert of distorting the lines between figure, photography and 3D. Even though the works appear as peculiar centerpieces, they are all digitally made in his studio.

Can Pekdemir’s art work adjusts people’s thoughts of visuality in this three dimensional structure by demonstrating to them that what they may be spoken to as reality can be a fairly more significant discourse of what is actually not even there to see.