Carlitos men’s style Boutique will participate in an amazing Fashion Show the second day, Sunday 14th of April at 17:30 of Blu Diamond Fashion Days, the biggest fashion event in Cyprus. Blu Diamond Fashion Days takes place at Limassol Marina on the 13th & 14th of April. Blu Diamond Fashion Days is a Fashion Week Concept that has as a MISSION: To present in “high end” Fashion Shows the new collections of local and international Designers and Boutiques for the Spring – Summer 2019 Season!

Carlitos Men’s style Boutique with their slogan ‘ONE STEP AHEAD’, is counting already three successful years in menswear and it is the ideal choice for all day! The friendly and cosy environment of Carlito’s men’s style boutique in combination with the twenty-year experience of the owner in both menswear and footwear are the two main reasons for visiting the boutique! There, you will have the opportunity to choose among a great variety of more than thirty brands, carefully selected for their style and fabric quality and what personally suits you. In order to ensure the best quality of our clothes, imports are made from countries such as Italy and France which are the ‘fashion capitals’ of the world. Additionally, the unique and innovative personal collection of the owner, made in Italy by the best manufacturers is available at the shop. Carlitos Men’s Style Boutique is here to meet your needs whether you love classic clothing, or you follow the latest fashion trends. We offer a great selection of suits for the groom who wants to make an elegant and at the same time impressive appearance at his wedding. Last but not least, the boutique can offer every day and all-day outfits

Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ goal is to be the most prestigious and cutting-edge fashion event on the island! Promoting fashion in a Fashion Week concept event!


After the great success of Blu Diamond Fashion Day in November 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Blurred Magazine organize the two day-event ‘Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ (BDFDs), this time in Limassol, Trakasol.

Who can participate?

Designers and Boutiques

There will be a total of 9 shows over the two-day duration in April of the event as follow:

Saturday 13th:

17:30 Fashion Show 1

19:00 Fashion Show 2

20:30 Fashion Show 3

Sunday 14th:

15:00 Fashion Show 1

16:15 Fashion Show 2

17:30 Fashion Show 3

18:45 Fashion Show 4

20:00 Fashion Show 5

21:15 Fashion Show 6


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