Bluchip gallery GRAND opening preview took place last Thursday 27th of December at their location inside Q BLU PLAZA! Live painting performance, cheese and wine and live DJ!

Bluchip gallery, the hub for all things art: painting, sculpture, limited edition books, rare prints, ephemera, design, and photography. Expect to be surrounded by an eclectic mix of urban and contemporary artworks and limited editions from both up and coming local and internationally renowned artists. This is a unique opportunity to gain a full immersion into today’s art and culture, and experience the world in it’s pictorial form.
Bluchip gallery aims to be at the forefront of the contemporary and outsider art world in Cyprus, playing a key role in the islands cultural landscape. Believing that art can enrich all people’s lives, BluChip gallery is the perfect place to visit and experience the inspirational potential of art.
So, whether you are looking to enrich your art collection, enhance your decor or simply enjoy art, feel free to pop by the gallery 10am -10pm 7 days a week to see the amazing array of rare ephemera and collectable works available to buy.
Who knows what you might find!

James Demetriou & Marios Koukoumas

Charis & Valentina Karayianni

Monique Varbedian & Alexandra Awad

Penelope Demetriou

Penelope Demetriou & Ioannis Mallas

Christos Ignatiou, Georgia Katsi & Argyro Genethliou

Marios Kleanthous, Monique Varbedian & Haig Varbedian

Nicos Pavlou & Erica Soteri

Marios Kleanthous

Maria Aristeidou, James Demetriou, Marios Koukoumas & George Georgiades

Agnes Elia & Florin Coman

Theodoros Neocleous and Elena Anastasiou Neocleous