Tuba Özçörekçi Demetriou, a vibrant and enthusiastic self-taught artist, born in 1976, started painting at an early age in her hometown, Istanbul.

Her father was a designer and manufacturer of furniture and there in the factory, Tuba, discovered the magical power hidden in her hands by designing, drawing and creating.

The last decade finds Tuba as a resident in Cyprus, the place she now considers her home. She falls in love with the country and its people and begins to create the works on display today. Alongside this, Tuba is a gift shop owner in Latchi, where she exhibits her paintings and her own handmade work. Tuba besides painting also deals with restoration of furniture and interior renovations.


  1. You are a self-taught artist, how hard was for you as a beginner?

Not hard at all actually, as I am painting since I can remember …. From a very young age. Anything I feel inside me I have to put it on the canvas, that is how I am! All my feelings are expressed through the colors and shapes I put on the canvas.

  1. If your father was not a designer and manufacturer, would you otherwise discover your “magical power”?

Probably YES!! Because I had the magic within me, I always liked the colors and they fascinate me. I like changing things and I do this with my paintings as well. Many of my painting take different shapes before they reach the final art I present.

  1. What brought you to Cyprus?

What else, but Love! Love for my “balkaymak” …. (the sweet name I call my husband) and of course the love for the people and the island. I believe this place is paradise and believe me I have traveled the world and I know and seen places ……

  1. What inspires you the most?

Mostly when I am full of emotions, I feel I am exploding and then I put all on the canvas…. I can go for hours and hours and days, sometimes, I forget everything and just paint. Its myself and the colors ……

  1. What role does the artist have in society?

Artists have impeccable role in society! They create art which makes this world complete with color and emotions. Each painting or each art piece is full of these and makes our world calmer, colorful, vibrant, inspiring, magical full of imagination. That is why we need Artists!

  1. What’s your next step as an artist?

My next step is to make more exhibitions, Solo or group. To inspire and develop myself  and take my art, my emotions to the next level. I would like my art to go at an international level and people to see my art and experience all the magic I feel within me.

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