Merianou Vasiliki lives the last 10 years in Lugano, Switzerland, born 1979 in Athens and grew up in Corfu. She completed her studies in Management Health and Welfare Units by working for several years in this subject.

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But her great love for paper in any form and the need to create with her hands has prompted her to design and create unique paper jewelry and pieces of decoration.

The texture and smell of the paper is a source of inspiration and creativity for her, she experiments on it and creates or discovers various techniques that often impress her without worrying about whether or not they exist, what keeps being self-taught is the feeling of satisfaction and the joy that gives her a sheet of paper .. In the last year she decided to take a professional career by taking part in various small exhibitions.

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She calls paper art, passionate about the unique properties of paper and creates jewels of 100% natural paper (Lokta paper jewelry). She puts recycling into her art by transforming the magazines into unique jewelry (project from recycled magazines). Books new, black and white, colorful, full of information and feelings are trapped in every unique jewelry and the secret life of jewelry is created, combines all kinds of paper and processes them and creates unique decorative paper pieces.

For each piece it creates, it takes time to make it unique not only from the material that consists of the meticulous work, but because inside it there is a passion for its art.