Despina was born in Ammohostos Cyprus in 1995, and she is currently based in Edinburgh where she is studying Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh.



The charming beauty, complexity and absolute uniqueness of handmade traditional Cypriot lace has greatly inspired her towards a process of re-evaluating traditional crafts. The position of traditional lace-making as a form of art, has suffered severe deterioration in the hierarchy of the arts, mainly due to its crafty nature, the stereotypical association with the female gender and the graduate extinction of the art which is fading in the era of mass production encouraged by advances in technology. This has triggered her interest towards re-examining the craft in order to introduce aspects of it in the contemporary art realm.

Despina’s works of art involve the juxtaposition of several properties of the craft with elements that recall the reasons behind the criticization and overcoming of this kind of traditional arts. Properties such as the geometry and delicacy of the intricate patterns, the materials used, the notion of the unique nature of the handmade and so on, are utilized to create a subtle but decisive reference to the art of lace-making. Such elements are contrasted with technology-based processes, including laser-cutting and 3D-drawing to criticize the de-valuation of the handmade for the sake of mass-produced, identical products.

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As a Cypriot artist she aims to relate and connect to her heritage and culture through the exploration of the art of lace-making and the manifestation of such traditional arts in the contemporary art context.