Andreas Ioannidis was born in Larnaca, Cyprus and has been working with art for the last 25 years. He participated in 50 local exhibitions and 25 international with many distinctions. One of these distinctions is his participation in the international exhibition to be held at the museum of the Louvre, in Paris, France, carrousel du Louvre musee on 20-22 of October. Andreas will exhibit 2 of his creations. Exhibition organizer is the well-known art judge Mrs. Mona Youseef from the Canadian member of the jury. The selection of the project went through evaluation and after a vote in the 15 best projects that will be in the exhibition along with 14 famous artists. Andreas 15 years now is working with abstract art.


The creations in Louvre will be geomagnetic shapes, these creations were done specifically for the Louvre exhibition, where the critical committee asked Andreas to do something special in geometric shapes and based on the committee he created these pieces of art. His work is based on psychology, he calls them psycho-therapeutical, where he tries to express his inner world through art. “I want to give the message of hope, strength, love, positive thinking and injustice. The colors in my work always give the feeling of hope and positiveness.”


Andreas also says: “In Cyprus, there are excellent artists who have offered a lot of art and have given their own stigma, but there is no good infrastructure in the area and opportunities for new artists who do an extraordinary work. This starts from schools and from family, in families we cultivate the traveler for example as the main theme that concerns them and after that the secondary ones come in. In schools, there are not proper chances to be able to follow the art.” “The message that I want to send to the new artists is that at first a young painter should not be affected by the conditions and glitches he/she will face. The goals must always be high, it is natural that we will not all be great painters alike for everyone there is hope, for everyone there is a dream, for everyone there is a journey! When a door close in life another door opens, opportunities do exist, for all in art.”


First Painting: Cassandra – dim. 75×50 oil on canvas

Second Painting: Great Alexander – dim. 70×50 oil on canvas