Zacharias Petrou had a different role at this year’s CYPRUS FASHION MODELS AWARDS 2016! He was the presenter of the evaluation process of the ceremony! He went on stage with the Main Presenter Mrs Yiota Koufalidou in a total G. ENGLEZOS outfit that really left the best impressions!


Zacharias Petrou known in fashion industry, with the status of Fashion Pr & Marketeer, (we know him too as exclusive Pr for fashion designer Gregory Englezos). Also a socialite person often hosted by magazines, sites and television, where he appeared in his own fashion insert at a known channel, co-owner of the boutique MONOENA, and columnist in various sites, for what else, fashion! He studied in Paris, hotel management, tourism and French language and on his return to Cyprus, fashion became his first priority and with G.ENGLEZOS, both retain their boutique, and also the designer’s atelier. Also, he is a steward in an airline which is also his great love.