Yiota will be for the 3rd time in a row rd time presenter of Cyprus Fashion Model Awards! She talks about her participation in CFMA2016, her new life with her son and her corporation with the organizers!


1. As a person of the media, having a child requires special attention ?

It certainly does! Despite the hard work that being a mother entitles, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I can say with certainty that this is by far the best period of my life. Since I am a professional, I do my utmost to balance my life between my family, which always comes first and my work as a media person, which I thoroughly enjoy!

2. What are your future plans regarding your career?

I hope to gradually be able to return to the media world, once my son has enrolled in a safe and appropriate, according always, to my standards, schooling environment, that will in turn also allow me to dedicate the adequate time to my work tasks & professional life. I can’t say for certain when this will happen, because it will largely depend on how quickly my son will adapt to being away from me, and also on how comfortable I will feel to spend time away from him. Having said this, I will be open to considering any serious proposals addressed to me from television, or from reputable media publications, in my capacity as a Presenter and as a Fashion Editor. In the meantime, I have been accepting invitations as a presenter of various events, most of which have held a charitable nature, and which have have taken place at various glamorous locations around the island. As of recently, I have been receiving requests from different people regarding my modelling academy, which I have also had to put on hold, after the birth of my son. As you can understand, an academy of modelling, grooming and savoir vivre, requires an enormous commitment in terms of teaching time, organisation and management.

3. How do you feel working with Mr Ioannis Mallas?

I feel privileged to be working alongside such a professional, as Mr.Mallas, who has succeeded, through his hard work, accredited skills and outgoing personality, in paving a new and dynamic era in the area of modelling, within Cyprus

4. As the presenter of the CYPRUS FASHION MODELS AWARDS for the 3rd year what would you advice the models that participate?

I would advise all upcoming models, who would like to consider the role professionally, to be driven by hard work & perseverance, and to always be open to learning and to constructive criticism, from their teachers or from other professionals in the field. I would further advise them to keep a strong balance between up keeping their external appearance, physique and their intellectual development. By this, I am referring to how equally it is of importance nowadays, to be up to date on international social, environmental, political and cultural trends, as it is on fashion, showbiz, celebrity and media news.

5. Which Fashion Designer you would like to dress you for the Awards Ceremony?

We have so many highly talented designers on this island and each and every one holds a special place in my heart. I appreciate the unique designs and outfits of all our local designers who I have proudly watched develop over the years. I have further had the honour of wearing outfits of most of our designers, who I deeply admire for their accomplishments, both in Cyprus and abroad.