Pavlina Nicolaou Z was born in Great Britain from Greek-Cypriot parents. From a young age she was into the magical world of Fashion as she was watching her Mother creating. Her Mother was known in London for her Exclusive Bridal handmade Embroideries. Pavlina Nicolaou Z finished her Studies in Athens and Great Britain with Distinctions. She stayed and worked in London and for the last 5 years now she is spending half of the year in London and half in Cyprus.



Pavlina Nicolaou Z is a Exclusive Fashion Designer (Haute Couture) she specifies on Exclusive Evening Garments and Exclusive Bridal Gowns. Her creations are known for her hand made details, her perfection and for the high quality chosen fabrics she uses. Her trade mark is her (Gorgon). Dresses and deep V cuts which the beautiful TV Presenter Cristiana Aristotelous loves and always prefers. Her name is known also in Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon and Russia. A lot of Celebrities on many occasions choose to wear Pavlina Nicolaou Z Exclusive Creations for their public appearances and TV Shows such as DANSING 4 YOU, PERNAME KALA, GIA SENA, ME AGAPI CHRISTIANNA, MIA VALITSA GEUSIS and many more. Some of the Celebrities she dresses are Christianna Aristotelous, Christina Dimitriou, Yiota Koufalidou, Stella Dimitriou, Evelyn Kazantsoglou, Apostolia Zoi, Malou Kuriakopoulou and many more.


On the 6th of November Pavlina Nicolaou Z will show her New A/W Collection Haute Couture (VELOUDINI MAGIA)……at FAMAGUSTA GATE IN NICOSIA AT 8pm….

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