Toumazos Charalambous, a natural born blogger!

Toumazos Charalambous talks to us about his own blog and interests, and what he adores! He’s very excited about this interview at!

1.Who is your favourite designer?

It mind sound cliché but I love Marc Jacobs. I really find everything about him so interesting! I have followed him for years now, and I adore how he’s inspired by everyday things and situations to create fashion. I believe he is a true talent and there is no question on why he himself and his label has succeeded for 30 plus years now in the fashion scene! I also love how he follows (and creates!) fashion trends but always keep his own trademark on! There’s no way you will look on any of his creations and not understand that it’s his. He is a true inspiration!

2.What is your favourite destination for relaxation?

Relaxation for me is the key thing to creativity. When you relax your mind, all things come into place. From where I come from, I always run to the sea to relax and fill up my batteries. Now in Lisbon, I discovered a paradise on Earth, Sintra in the north of Lisbon. This place wins my heart and mind every single time.

3.Are you currently working on any fashion blogs ?

Yes, you can follow me on my personal fashion blog The Classy Issue is something I am working on for a long time and it’s finally on and running! You can find literally everything about me. From my adventures to magical destinations, to fashion posts and fashion inspiration, lifestyle and men fashion. I am very proud about my blog and I work very hard on it, so I hope it goes a long way inspiring people.

4.What is your favourite way to dress up?

In terms of style, I am a fan of suits. I believe that every man should have at least one black suit in his wardrobe! Black is always the best choice, for both men and women. I really like mixing it up. Modern, casual, sporty, classy. In general though, I like classic styling the most. I enjoy layering my clothing, and trying mixing different styles together. You never know what will come when mixing different styles together. Why not wear a sporty short with a suit jacket? The only rule in fashion is to love what you wear! So explore and test things out!  Also, if you follow my blog, you will realize that I am a sunglasses freak. I wish I could wear them 24/7.

5. Do you have a slogan that characterizes yourself?

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I even got a tattoo of it! Life always has a way of reminding us that when things fall apart, it is so that better things can fall together. When something is meant to be it will be, and what we have to do is adjust to the new situation and live on, happily.