Silk Flowers by Ekaterina Osipova at Fashion First on 26th of March 2017!


Ekaterina Osipova – Mavromichali, silk floral designer. Professionally working in this field for 10 years. Creating flowers and compositions of natural silk, leather and other fabrics, following the European and Japanese techniques. Ekaterina was born and raised in Moscow, in a very creative family and environment. This determined the choice of her career and passion. Currently she lives and works in Larnaca.

The floral ornaments fashion has been a tradition since a very long time. Despite this, the interest in the color of the fabric (as an accessory for clothes), is still very actual. Sometimes it faded away, but then was awaken again by fashion designers from different times. Now it reached again the peak of its popularity! I began to study how to make flowers, because I was simply struck by the amazingly beautiful works of the Japanese masters. The art of making flowers is a very exciting and fascinating process. The creation of a single flower may take 4-6 hours! First of all, the fabric is treated with a special compound and dried. Then each petal is cut out by hand, and the process of dyeing of each petal starts. After the paint has dried, the petals have to be handled with a hot instrument, in order to give them the desired shape. Only after all this process, the creation of your flower is completed. The same color does not exist. Each piece of work is unique. I am very pleased that “silk jewelry ornaments” so popular in our times!

Contact: 99953292