”I discovered from a young age that I wanted to be a fashion designer  in 5th grade always sketching. I used to design only on paper all the time with so many ideas rushing through my head , such excitement. It was not until I came to Cyprus end of 2014 that I decided to save up and buy a sewing machine so that I would teach myself how to sew and make patterns.”




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Facebook – @ Teckla Ngundu

Instagram – @tkayngundu123 or @faxionfrique

Phone number – 96209313





Fashion First is a new concept of Fashion Presentation event that aims:
– The presentation of Fashion Designers’ work to the general public, press & buyers
– The creation of a strong Network and the exchange of Information on the Fashion Creation industry
– To be the highest profile fashion designers showcase in Cyprus

Each designer can participate with:
– An exhibition Presentation
– A show Presentation

The Organiser’s Statement:
Blurred Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create the most related and reliable news product in the industries of Fashion, Art & Design. We provide network and directory to the community of Arts & Design in order to add value to their work!


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