Not too much introductions for Ramona Filip a well-recognized and beloved fashion designer in Cyprus and not only. Finally, her showroom is here, open so everybody who is craving one piece of her work can visit it and maybe have one piece of her exquisite and elegant designs in their wardrobe!


1.  Finally, a showroom that you can gather and show your designs, how do you feel about it?

I’m so very excited! Finally, it’s a dream come true! I had been working for many years from my atelier. It was about time I created my special place where I can feel like home, where I can get inspired, show my collections in a beautiful way, host my friends and clients. This dream is now a reality!

2.  Can you talk to us about your showroom and what someone will see when they visit it?

The concept behind the place was that I wanted it to remind a gallery rather than a boutique. It is decorated in elegant minimal aesthetic, with mainly black, white, transparencies and mirrors, and it definitely reflects my signature style. It is a place where the visitor can take time to move around and enjoy the creations in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Currently the Ramon Filip Showroom hosts my latest collections, unique and timeless pieces from previous collections, as well as a selection of my exotic skin bags.

3.  As a well-known fashion designer in Cyprus what advice would you give to a new fashion designer?

To a fashion student I would say be unique and trust your instincts. Find what you’re good at and insist, try, experiment, never give up. Become the best at what you do. One day you will succeed, the good ones always do. But remember that it takes a lot of hard work, effort and persistence.

4.  What is the secret to such a successful career?

There are no big secrets here. It’s all a matter of vision and hard work. When you have a vision and you work hard to achieve it, sooner or later you will succeed. After all, success is not what the others think, but what one perceives as such.

5.  What is the most important factor you have in mind when you are designing?

Women of course. There cannot be fashion without women. Women are the first source of inspiration for every designer. A creation eventually ends up to a woman, it is inevitable not to think about her, what she wants, what she likes, what makes her feel beautiful. So yes, like in life, everything starts with the woman.

6.  What are your plans for the future?

I always plan my next step and have dreams for the future, but I also love to live in the moment. Right now I enjoy every bit of my new showroom, my current collections and I’m working on new ones. Surprises coming up soon…

By Anna Michael

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