Pantelis is one of the most well known distinguished Fashion Designers on the island! He is currently a Professor of Fashion Design in Alexander College Alexander college/university of the west of England Bristol. He talks in for the Cyprus Fashion Models Awards and his experiences in the Fashion Industry!


1. When did you realize that you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I was about 7 years old watching the Miss Universe competition in London, (in the 70s it was still being televised), and I remember being mesmerised by the whole beauty and the dresses, I was hooked, and I remember that, as a defining moment, thinking I want to be part of this when I grow up. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I realised I could be a fashion designer. In 2000 when the Miss Universe was held in Cyprus, funny enough I was the main stylist for the Cyprus participant and was part of the whole event.

2. How do you feel about being the president of the judging committee in the CFMA?

It’s an honour to be asked by Mr Ioannis Mallas, a very full of life person, and ambitious, which is a great quality to have when organising such big production, so I know I have some responsibility’s to deliver and I will do my best to execute them.

3. Where was your first show and how did you feel about projecting your fashion designs for the first time?

My first show was in October of 1996. It was at a place called vice versa in Limassol, which was the place to hang out at the time, and I had worked there for six months as a barman, once I came back from my studies, still looking for a job. After encouragement from the owners to make a collection and present it on the premises I took the big leap. The collection was inspired from the 70s and was seen by 750 people. It was a great success, and I had sold out my 40 outfits within the week and started taking private orders. It was the first of many shows to follow and the launch of my career. I remember just before the show I went to the toilets, and stood there, looked in the mirror, and said this is it, you either make it or break it, there all here to judge you and decide your future. That was it, I started crying for about 5mins and then washed my face and said let’s do this, bring it on rain or shine. The rest is history from there on. You never forget your first show.

4. What did you learn all these years from the fashion industry?

You never stop learning in the fashion industry, it’s a never ending evolving machine that never sleeps, and you have to keep updating you knowledge all the time, or you’re out of the game. The fashion industry holds the third place in the world that employs the most people, so that alone says it all.

5. What would you advise young people who want to follow fashion design or young people who already do?

Keep true to your designs, believe in what you do, be original, work hard, and enjoy the ride.