We first met Olga Dyatlova at the EVENING FASHION PRESENTATION that took place in Ktima Mackenzie Larnaca in April her work fascinated us! Last week she exclusively dressed the Presenter of the CYPRUS FASHION MODELS AWARDS 2016 Yiota Koufalidou! Her work is characterized as elegant, high quality and giving emphasis on details! Olga is one of the many Russian Designers in Cyprus and she is here to make a statement! Follows an exclusive interview!


1.  How come you decide to become a fashion designer?

My interest for clothes appeared in my early childhood. I always loved to dress up, think up unusual combinations and view my mum’s clothes. My grandmother was a modiste, every summer I spent with her and already that time I was charmed by the magic of creating a dress, from the sketch until the moment it’ s ready. Exactly my grandmother was the first who taught me the basics of dressmaking. I was only 10 years old at that time. And while creating simply clothes I was dreaming that one day I could find out all their secrets of this skill. Later when it was time to decide where I should study – I had no doubts. I studied clothing design in the Moscow university of Design and Technology. After graduation and until now I am always interesting and happy with the world of fashion, so various and surprised.

2.  Where do u seek your inspiration?

I am inspired by the life, music, dance, architecture and art. Also i find my inspiration in strong modern women, who knows what they are capable for and could sand by themselves. My muse is cheerful, positive , beautiful and charming. She doesn’t afraid to be bright, stylish and she lives the full life. She is liked by men and women, people turn their head to look at her, and want be like her.

3.  What are your favorite fabrics and colors?

All types of fabrics are interesting and need special knowledge how to work with them. I prefer natural fabrics, love to work with lace, silk and chiffon. The colours and colours combinations play rather important role in creating a clothes. For me the colour is the mood , that is showed by every dress. For example today you want something bright and tomorrow monochrome combination. In all color palette my favorite is definitely white colour.

4.  What is your opinion about the Cypriot Fashion Industry?

The fashion is very strong business in Cyprus that developing rather fast. Many brands producing high quality and elegant clothes. There are more and more every year young and talented designers and a lot of fashion shows and events are organized.

5.  What do you thing about the relationship of Cypriot women and fashion?

I like a lot the style of modern Cypriot women. They always look attractive, romantic and sexy. They know how to show their individuality and follow fashion trends.

6.  What are your plans for the future?

I hope to keep happy my clients and customers and also to improve my professional skills.