Nikolas is a young and ambitious Fashion Designer! He presented last week his new collection in Larnaca Fashion Day!


1. What you showed us at Larnaca Fashion Day?

It’s all about nature to me. Alexander McQueen was always one of my favourite designers, He always used to say Nature is KING, I will be presenting butterflies, many many butterflies. A symbol of a transformation from the caterpillar who believes the world is over just before it transforms in to dreamy being state. A short happy moment in time as ones life should be every day, full of these moments . A full life full of light and colour. A life to be remembered. As such is our logo. REMEMBER TO LIVE ‘memento vivere’.

2. What is that particular inspiration of your collection?

For me the spring is when flowers blossom , There’s always more sunlight to saturate the colours even more and with the flowers and the birds THE HYPHEN is the butterfly they are all of these combination from flower to flower and place to place not only do they spread their beauty but are to also caught in beautiful natural surroundings as such someone wearing our clothes should be (caught in a moment in which we are surrounded by a beautiful natural setting.. at the same time spreading our beauty).

3. What kind of fabrics u use on your garnets?

It is very essential to be noted that all our materials are based on prints of Original paintings which are previously hand made made always and forever and the printed on to fabric. Our fabrics verify from cottons, Super jersey and satin and are all ECO friendly.

4. How do you feel participating in Larnaca Fashion Day?

Its my 2nd time after a year … I feel Fantastic and Phenomenal it’s a great experience very exciting and eye opening. I always love the place the show is held , its like a movie scene. Set on the sea. Relaxing, fun ,inspiring. It is also a great opportunity for great exposure and also at the same time networking with people of parallel products like make up and hair. And of course BOUTIQUES.

5. How would you describe your personal style?

I wouldn’t put a pin point on my personal style. A lot of people say I’m 60’s or 70’s and one of my professors from Interior Architecture always tells me Nikola you’re pop. We’ll I do like to observe what people are wearing and why this is society and that’s how we should be we should observe each other as we are all interacting either passively or actively.

Regards .. Nikolas