Often at night, when Martha cannot get any sleep because of her flashbacks into the day`s facts, she chooses to create an aura of creativity. Creative thinking as she calls it overrules the excessive energy of speeding up to get to hectic appointments conquered by social status, compatibility and social media. The mind finds rest at the thought of color combinations, mix and match of fabrics and threads, setting of a design and building up of thoughts and ideas. The thought of creating and developing an idea and working on a color chart brings back harmony to inner self. All the ideas and thoughts are developed into simple, elegant and minimal shapes of handbags. These handbags are easy to hold, mix and match and easy to adopt into ones wardrobe and way of life! Evening clutches shopping bags, daytime clutch bags, beach bags, pouches, cases etc.

Martha owns a BA Hrs degree in Fashion Design. She studied at the American College in London. Apart from the design diploma she studied Embroidery. She worked as a freelance designer in London and created her own line of clothing in Cyprus. She held “Thema boutique” for 14 years. The last three years she is totally devoted into handbags design, making and selling.

“Martha.Desingns” bags are totally handmade. Either embroidered on canvas, crocheted or even weaved on the traditional loom called “argalios”. All the techniques mentioned above are used to create a different, a more artistic mood and type of handbag which at the same time remains on the path of tradition of crocheting and weaving. Lines and design tend to be simple but color combination and details in finishing make a different burn altogether.

The materials used to create such an effect are 100% natural. Threads and canvases are of cotton, leather iridescent threads to add sparkle and shine into our lives, all used to create a mix and match of a loving and devoted craftsmanship.

Each handbag is unique as the effort, the thought and the enthusiasm are unique when a bag is created for the first time. Colour combinations cannot be repeated because of this awesome feeling.

Martha opts to expand as more and more people tend to respect and choose to promote and use the handmade and traditional technique of making such personal accessories.

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