Maria Demetriou is a new Cypriot Fashion Designer and she discusses with us her ideas and the shapes on her garments!


1. How long do you practice Fashion Design?

I discovered my passion for fashion design 4 years ago, when I designed my prom dress myself. After that I did not really got into the business professionally up until this year when I returned from my studies in the UK and started looking for a permanent job. While being in the job hunting I started designing a few pieces as I had some time to spare. As soon as I had finished some of my first designs I bought some fabrics, paid a visit to my tailor and started executing them. When those pieces actually came into life I became even more excited about it and that precise moment I said to myself ‘’I’m having a fashion show’’. From that moment onwards a five-month nonstop journey begun, up until my first fashion show which took place in the end of May 2016.

2. What characteristics does your clothes have?

I always feel more comfortable to design a piece that I would like to wear, and describes my personality as well. I know that this might sound a bit edgy as there are thousands of different styles people have, but I wouldn’t feel as comfortable to deliver a piece that I would not enjoy myself. My garments normally have angularly shapes, including shoulder pads and leatherette detailing. Usually prefer dark colors, single coloured or up to two different colors for each piece. I would like to think that my garments are being worn in smart casual and/or formal occasions.

3. How would you describe yourself?

I am quite impatient so I need things to be done in a certain timeline otherwise I get really anxious. On the other hand, I am very sensitive, therefore I cannot really show how angry I get when things that are not up to me are not getting done in time. I am quite stubborn and a perfectionist, which is something I believe is required in this field otherwise it becomes difficult to exceed.

4. What Experience / Studies you have?

I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK and currently I am undertaking the rest of the obligatory modules in order to acquire my qualification as a Chartered Certified Accountant. In regards to Fashion Designing, I do not have any academic experience.

5. Name one personal goal

Well, as a personal goal I would like to become a successful designer as I have a passion about it and I would like to prove to myself that it is possible for my work to be acknowledged even though I do not have any other background in this industry yet. In the short term however, in order to do so I would like to expand my knowledge by starting tailoring lessons, or maybe even a fashion design degree, as soon as I have a satisfying portfolio.