Marcus Platrides talks about Etherial and what he thinks about Cypriot models! Marcus is the owner of Etherial company and he talks to us about his company!

1. When did you establish Etherial and what does Etherial stands for?

The company was established in 2007. Ethereal ending in “eal” means spiritual. However because I could not own a word of the English language, I misspelt it in on purpose and named it Etherial ending in “ial”. This new word still means the same but it now its copyright belongs to me as I have registered it under my name at the Registrar of Companies of the Cypriot Government. This is called branding and brand protection.

2. What is your opinion about Cypriot Models?

We have come a long way since I used to model 10 years ago. Cypriot models these days tend to have the looks and the body but they do not have the attitude, grace or charisma of the older generation. They are more arrogant and do not understand that modelling is more about character than looks. There is no discipline surrounding this field anymore and this is the main reason that we have not seen any breakthroughs in International Modelling by Cypriot models since I retired 10 years ago.

3. Your were also an ex Dolce & Gabbana model how was your experience working for Dolce & Gabbana?

Lets not forget that I also used to be a Calvin Klein model. I always found working for American designers like Calvin much better than Italian designers like D&G. Even though the money in Europe was much better, I always preferred wearing Calvin Klein because the brand appealed to more people. My experience with D&G was very interesting. I learnt a lot. My mind was like a sponge. I used to absorb everything. Even things regarding branding which really helped me start Etherial 10 years later

4. What type of women wear Etherial ?

Etherial relates to powerful women with a Rock Chic attitude. Free spirited and Rock orientated people. And this goes for men too. Not just women

5. Do you have a slogan that characterizes yourself?

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat. Its Latin and it means “Fortune Favors the Bold”. I always lived my life on the risky side because I always believed that fortune comes when you leave your comfort zone. And that’s usually how it is.