“My curiosity and interest in the fashion industry started back in my early teenage years. I begun paying attention to things others took for granted or did not even notice. From fashion elements through tv, cinema and media to street fashion. This passive observation of clothes, shoes and jewellery made me inquisitive enough to start reading and really being fascinated and inspired by the fashion world.



Taking my knowledge into a higher academic level I joined and completed an A level and and a Foundation course, focused in Fashion Design. Afterwards i decided to undertake a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Bristol, UK.

My education from A level courses to the completion of my BA Hons in Fashion industry played the most important role in my career. I had the opportunity to take part in three group fashion shows with Cyprus Fashion Days team at Limassol and Larnaka.

Also i took part in many fashion photoshoots that included my outfits and got promoted in sites and magazines.

At the moment I am based in Cyprus and want to start my own career in fashion as well as to create my own brand.

However, from my point of view the Fashion Industry is an area that requires a lot of travel around the world in order to be fully understood, so my long term goals are to travel and learn as much as I can”.


Fashion First is a new concept of Fashion Presentation event that aims:
– The presentation of Fashion Designers’ work to the general public, press & buyers
– The creation of a strong Network and the exchange of Information on the Fashion Creation industry
– To be the highest profile fashion designers showcase in Cyprus

Each designer can participate with:
– An exhibition Presentation
– A show Presentation

The Organiser’s Statement:
Blurred Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create the most related and reliable news product in the industries of Fashion, Art & Design. We provide network and directory to the community of Arts & Design in order to add value to their work!


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