Valentina Solonos is 15 years old. She is from Limassol and she is a student. She participated on Elizabeth Friedrich FASHION SHOW & AMMOS FASHION NIGHT and her height is 1.74.


  1. Why did you join this competition?

This competition is one of the best chances for me at the moment to learn more about fashion industry that’s why i joined it.

  1. What do you like most about yourself?

I like my character because i can always achieve my goals by working hard and thinking positive.

  1. What is “success” for you?

I cannot really give one specific meaning of success, but I would say success is simply: 1) reach to a place where your dreams were pointing to 2) when you get what you really wanted 3) when you triumph over your adversaries, obstacles and barriers of life. To all the above, success cannot be a when, but it has to be something within you.

  1. How could you convince the audience and judges that you deserve the title?

I would try my best to convince the audience and judges that i deserve the tittle.

  1. Why did you decide to deal with modelling?

Modeling gives the opportunity of being part of fashion industry. That’s why i decided to deal with modeling.