Antrea Zakou is 16 years old. She is from Paphos and she is a student. She participated on G. Englezos Fashion Show | Retro Swimwear, AMMOS FASHION NIGHT, Revlon Hair Show & Elizabeth Friedrich Fashion Show for KYFA. Her height is 1.77.


  1. Why did you join this competition?

The reason I decided to join this competition is because i believe it’s a great opportunity to gain more and new experience in the modeling space. Also to get know better and impress people in order to make everyone happy and maybe get introduced to more serious jobs and people.

  1. What do you like most about yourself?

The thing I like most about myself is that am willing to do my best and everything to achieve my goals in life. Also I am a person that don’t get bothered by criticism or negative comment, it’s just motivates me to get better and better and shows me that I have reached what others didn’t.

  1. What is “success” for you?

Success for me is achieving something that I know I ousted a lot of effort in something that was worth every second fighting for, it’s something that makes me feel outstanding from the others. And finally it’s something that describes how special it was for myself.

  1. How could you convince the audience and judges that you deserve the title?

I can convince the audience and the judges by consistant work and effort, by carefully listening my director and the right people around me so I can prevent mistakes and wrong decisions and evaluate carefully everything in order to do the right for me and for everyone. And just be real with my character and style. This way I believe I will impress them and make them see something great in me as I will do anything to be the best.

  1. Why did you decide to deal with modelling?

The reason I decided to deal with modeling is because I love meeting people that have common interest as me, specifically in modeling, because it’s something that I love and finally I believe I have what it takes to cooed any requirements.