Interpretations & Misinterpretations by Evros Evriviades!


Blue Iris Art Gallery invites you to an exhibition of paintings and installations (a small retrospective) by EVROS EVRIVIADES on Saturday 18 March 2017, 19:00-21:00.
Duration: 18 March 2017 – 04 April 2017.
The exhibition is one of the gallery’s events for Paphos 2017, European Capital of Cutlure.




”…Evros Evriviades is attempting a rather particular – and in terms of style, highly personal – cartography of the domestic and the broader urban environment. He traces his emotive foundations by recalling facts and knowledge that can delimit the aforementioned regions of past, present and future. Ideas of indoors and out, of the absolutely familiar and conciliatory unfamiliar, work with and against each other in adherence to a methodology of conjunctions and alternative disclosure. Thus the testimony from within and from without functions as a connective idiom and form what one could easily term emotive recall…’’

Dr, Savvas Christodoulides assistant professor, Department of Architecture, Fine and applied arts Frederick University Nicosia, 2009 Sites and Scenes of the Familiar


”…Evros Evriviades’s objects/constructions are ambiguous, hybrid and simultaneously iconoclastic, with strong elements of the grotesque and with the strange and absurd eroticism between unrelated and unlike things. What we have here are smug oddities that seem to be enjoying a covenant of cohesiveness in which they agree to coalesce into an assemblage or even in to an organic whole within there creative sphere. There are times, i think, when we encounter things that have an elusive charm an almost natural grace a “something” that most of the time remains indeterminate. They are often impressions based on the element of surprise-or better, on the element that impregnates the “grand beauties” -which begin from the familiar, even the ordinary, but nonetheless proceed to the uncanny the peculiar, and thus to the wondrous. Unpredictable relations and correlations, a riot of meticulous details in diverse proportions and scale that lets loose narrative caprices and that emblematically epitomizes the dilemma between the neoteny and maturement of art but also of life…’’

Thalea Stefanides Art historian and critic – curator Nicosia 2011