If you are a fashion addict, surely you have heard his name before. Mr Gregory Englezos is an amazing fashion designer, whose clothes have been worn by celebrities around Cyprus & Greece.  His solo fabulous fashion show this summer, proved once more how talented he is.



This time he is introducing us to nine month fashion workshops, in collaboration with the Umbrella l Modelling . Education . Agency. The aim of the workshops is to provide technical skills and design practices, marketing guidance and business assistance in order for an individual to be a successful Fashion Designer. A very good chance for the people that always dreamed of working in fashion sector. The workshops will cover a wide range of material and areas like Fashion Illustration, Pattern Cutting & Design Measurements, Fashion Concept Creation, Sewing and Technical Experience. Complete series of workshops that will transform you to a complete fashion designer ready to create and be able to cope with any difficulties ahead. Scholarships are available as well.

So is fashion your dream work? Apply for the workshops for a creative and bright future.

Written by Konstantinos Mavropetros

To apply or more info: Inbox Umbrella l Modelling . Education . Agency on facebook or 00357 99 516537