G E N E S I S KIMERA’S introductory limited-edition/pop-up experience, ‘Genesis’, took place on the 9th and held until 11th of June, 2017 at Plateia Dimarchias in Nicosia. Kimera, is a multidisciplinary artist collective, was founded in January 2017 by four young Cypriot artists that share the same passion and zeal for their work: Aphrodite Koupepidou, Andrea Rotsaki & Efi,Eri Melanidou. 19239854_10209569139488134_933553745_n 19184158_10209568999684639_422866495_n 19190707_10209568999724640_1669369871_n (1) 19190835_10209568999644638_2133546780_n   Kimera collective seeks to create a platform for diverse and multiple upcoming talents to collaborate in unique and ambitious projects in order to create spontaneous pop-up experiences projecting and promoting their work. To create ‘hybrids’. The exhibition included:
  • Two Fashion Designers:
“EFIERI” Founded in 2012, the EFIERI clothing brand consists of a creative twin duo, producing high quality womenswear and menswear as well as custom-made garments for their clients. Being specialized in design for performance, the designers have also collaborated with various performance artists in different art fields in addition to producing and exhibiting seasonal collections. EFIERI’s designs mainly explore dark aesthetics with an integration of minimalist line structure veiled by fetishistic details. “ROTS”  The brand ROTS was founded in 2017 by Cypriot designer Andrea Rots. Andrea, is a fashion designer, visual artist, a collector and creator of mementos and ephemera. An explorer of conceptions and perceptions, an inquisitive dreamer. Andrea Rots was the Co-founder of a multidisciplinary artist collective called 'Kimera'; where in collaboration with 6 talented, young artists who aimed to create a unique, limited-edition/pop-up experience in order to intrigue, shock and they introduced themselves to the Cypriot audience. She also participated in this exhibition with her first SS17 collection under the brand name ‘ROTS'.
  • Two Sculptors:
Constantino Alpha and Georgia Pozotou who with their turn enhanced this unorthodox fusion with their art.
  • Visual Artist:
Afrodite Koupepidou who is engaged in Italy as well as Cyprus in Art Directing, Fashion and Photography. 19184179_10158975810015128_1020364707_n 19114355_10158975800265128_31318104_n 19114462_10158975809310128_1367500875_n 19113402_10158975809565128_1985401014_n 19184247_10158975809970128_1960043577_n 19142113_10158975809530128_1998655103_n 19141979_10158975811865128_1260239047_n 19142314_10158978547920128_1710026901_n 19141416_10158978547945128_952933465_n 19190717_10158978547740128_1632950713_n 19141738_10158978547275128_1476736260_n 19141398_10158978547265128_92856327_n       Websites: