An ELECTRIC Art Exhibition by Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern. Mona Hatoum is a Libanese- born Palestinian video & installation artist who lives in London. Mona uses art to provoke psychological and emotional responses and ensures that she always gets a unique reaction from different viewers. “We are always in the ante-room to disaster, if not in the disaster itself” Mona Hatoum. Hatoum’s work achieves reactions at a psychological level which has implications involving power, politics or individual concerns. The allusiveness attained by her work is not always referencing grand political events, or appealing to a generalized cultural consciousness, but instead to a seemingly unattainable threat that is only possible to address on an individual scale.  

Piranesian minimalism .. Light Sentence 2 (1992) Photograph: Mona Hatoum


Pleasure and disquiet ... Homebound (2000) Photograph: Mona Hatoum

Photo Credit: The guardian