Panos Yerolemides with the help of a well organized team is organizing a big event named “Cyprus Fashion Fair”.   27043316_10210505186297064_86540783_n Cyprus Fashion Fair will starts on the 30th of March and continue until the 1st of April from 11:00-20:00 pm at Pavilion in Nicosia. Tickets will be available at the entrance of Pavilion at the price of €5 with one free coffee to keep you company to your ride! At the entrance you will also receive a program with all the relevant information regarding times of fashion shows, presentations on makeup by makeup artists and many more! Panos Yerolemides started organizing the Cyprus Fashion Event after a conversation with his good friend Alexis Michaelides. Both of them were concerned with what is missing from the Cyprus Fashion regarding artists, fashion designer and shops and how they can flourish by promoting their work. So they came up with the idea of creating a big exhibition where artists will have the opportunity to promote their work in the most professional way. So their mission started!! They set up a strong team of enthusiastic and energetic contributors in order to achieve their goal. At the exhibition one can find a lot of popular fashion designers, shops, makeup artists. The visitors will have the chance to observe and shop the new collections or enjoy high fashion on exclusive discounts! Their vision for Cyprus Fashion Fair is to become the number one exhibition and eventually a prestigious institution established at the foreign market as well. In conclusion, as Panos Yerolemides said “Every beginning is hard”, so let this be an inspiration for people to go after their dreams! LINK: