Complice - Stalo Theodorou counts more than 30 years in the bridal fashion industry. Her couture evening dresses and wedding gowns which are made by the finest fabrics and detailed hand-made embroiders, through the years made her as a designer of the first rank and a first choice in women’s heart. Her uncompromising and everlasting passion to design resulted in the launch of highly acclaimed collections and international distinctions.

Stalo Theodorou have made significant collaborations across Europe, Middle East, Russia, United States and Australia. Today, Complice- Stalo Theodorou creations are showcased in more than thirty saloons across Greece. Complice brand reflects Stalo’s approach to design and her signature collections are known to be feminine, romantic, bohemian but yet sophisticated.

Each Complice creation is a unique, hand made piece of art with exquisite attention to detail. It is therefore, no wonder that Complice - Stalo Theodorou designs hold impeccable customer appeal until today.

She has also unveiled her “Miss Complice” collection for little princesses!

Complice-Stalo Theodorou will participate in the exhibition part & Miss Complice in the Russian Fashion Show of Blu Diamond Fashion Days on the 13th of April.

Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ goal is to be the most prestigious and cutting-edge fashion event on the island! Promoting fashion in a Fashion Week concept event!




After the great success of Blu Diamond Fashion Day in November 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Blurred Magazine organize the two day-event ‘Blu Diamond Fashion Days’ (BDFDs), this time in Limassol, Trakasol.


Who can participate?

Designers and Boutiques


There will be a total of 9 shows over the two-day duration in April of the event as follow:

Saturday 13th:

17:30 Fashion Show 1

19:00 Fashion Show 2

20:30 Fashion Show 3

Sunday 14th:

15:00 Fashion Show 1

16:15 Fashion Show 2

17:30 Fashion Show 3

18:45 Fashion Show 4

20:00 Fashion Show 5

21:15 Fashion Show 6



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