“Cancer and Life” – Art Exhibition for the support of PASYKAF

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As a friend of PASYKAF you may well be able to introduce a potential donor/sponsor to the charity and so help boost our start to the 2018 fundraising program through The Space Art for Charity.   Thanking you in advance. You may have spotted them driving along the motorway in their PASYKAF branded vehicles, or, come […]


“The Tree of Wishes” by Maria Kokkinou School of Ballet

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    Maria Kokkinous’s ballet school will present a performance based on her own magical fairytale called ‘’The tree of wishes’’. The performance will take place on the 21th of December at 19:00 pm at “Scala” theatre in Larnaca. Pre – sale tickets at the school’s secretariat from 1st of December at the price of […]


ROTS & ‘Andreas Michaelides’ luxurious textiles new F / W collection _17 | 18 event

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  ROTS in collaboration with the luxurious textiles  ‘Andreas Michaelides’  presents the new F / W collection 17 | 18 from 7-14 of December The collection  ‘Dress for Pleasure’  The opening will be on Thursday, 7th of December at 5:00 p.m at the Andreas Michaelides Textiles shop, 69-71 Onasagorou Street, Nicosia.  There will be exquisite wine from the ‘oak & berries […]


”Boho in Bali” bohoandmore. by Laoura Hadjivasiliou a successful exhibition!

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A unique bohoandmore. exhibition by Laoura Hadjivasiliou took place on Sunday 8th of October in Nicosia and Meres! About bohoandmore. “bohoandmore. is an online shop filled with passion for things you love in home decor and more. It focuses on handmade bohemian design, which often features Balinese traditional pieces and draws its inspiration from the […]


GSC EVENTS – October 2017

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Three events of particular interest in visual communication and design are scheduled for this October, focusing on Nicosia. The first is the hosting of Ink Project.Exhibition for the first time in Cyprus. This is an initiative of Corn Studio, which combines graphic design and illustration with other applied arts or trends of nowadays, and is […]


”Boho in Bali” bohoandmore EXHIBITION

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A unique bohoandmore exhibition by Laoura Hadjivalsiliou is comming on Sunday 8th of October in Nicosia and Meres! Opening 17:00 and ending 21:00!     bohoandmore. is an online shop filled with passion for things you love in home decor and more. It focuses on handmade bohemian design, which often features Balinese traditional pieces and […]


Rotswear Everywear – Brand’s Profile!

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-ROTSWEAR EVERYWEAR- The brand ROTS was founded in May 2017 by Cypriot designer Andrea Rots. Andrea Rots is a fashion designer, visual artist, a collector and creator of mementos and ephemera. An explorer of conceptions and perceptions, an inquisitive dreamer. She was always a wild one, a weird one. The one dressed in black who […]


“Fall 2018 by Constantinos”

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Constantinos was born and raised in Nicosia- Cyprus. He studied (BA) Business and Marketing Communications in Cyprus. With a fashion background in his family, he always had passion about design & creativity. Since 2009 he is the creative director of the brand ‘FashionVictim’. In 2012 he decided to launch his own label. Transformation and multi-functionality […]


“Remains of the Olympians” by Giorgos Pafitis – “Young Art” exhibition

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    «Τα έργα μου διακρίνουν οι τρεις διαστάσεις και το τύπωμα. Ανακυκλώσιμα υλικά και κυρίως μέταλλα απαρτίζουν τη βάση των ‘Junk Art’ γλυπτών μου, ενώ η Χαρακτική αποτελεί σημαντικό κομάτι της δουλειάς μου. Πτυχιούχος του κλάδου των «Εικαστικών Τεχνών» στη σχολή Καλών και Εφαρμοσμένων Τεχνών Αιγαία, απέκτησα επίσης το Ανώτατο δίπλωμα BTEC HND του […]


Yianna Nicolaou Art Exhibition at Gloria Gallery!

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Where is the butterfly …” is the title of the fourth art exhibition by Yianna Nicolaou, with the beautiful lepidopteron being used as a symbol of soul. The butterfly-soul wanders perpetually in search of happiness in places of timelessness, and these are the searches that are imprinted through the peculiar look of the artist and […]


ART FIRST – Tuba Özçörekçi Demetriou – Interview

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Tuba Özçörekçi Demetriou, a vibrant and enthusiastic self-taught artist, born in 1976, started painting at an early age in her hometown, Istanbul. Her father was a designer and manufacturer of furniture and there in the factory, Tuba, discovered the magical power hidden in her hands by designing, drawing and creating. The last decade finds Tuba […]


ART FIRST: Rafaella Procopiou – Interview

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Born in 1991 in Romania, adopted and raised up by 2 wonderful people. In 2010 I graduated from the American Academy in Limassol and then I started studying European studies & modern languages in the university of Cyprus. Right from the start I knew that this wasn’t for me, so after I spent my time […]


“Transition” by Marina Erotokritou!

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  Press release Finnigans Bar and Restaurant in Larnaca is honored to host the renowned Cypriot artist Marina Yiannou Erotokritou and her latest artwork “Transition”, on the 30th of September where all art lovers are invited to the artist’s voyage into “Transition” experience. “Transition” – “Μετάβαση” In this exhibition, we see the artist Marina Yiannou […]


ART FIRST: Merianou Vasiliki (Lokta Art) – Interview

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Merianou Vasiliki lives the last 10 years in Lugano, Switzerland, born 1979 in Athens and grew up in Corfu. She completed her studies in Management Health and Welfare Units by working for several years in this subject. But her great love for paper in any form and the need to create with her hands has prompted […]


Atelier di Pittura Opening Party and Students Art Exhibition!

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Atelier di Pittura is located in Larnaca center. It was set up by Thekla Georgiou Papadopoulou, a practicing art artist who exhibits regularly nationally and internationally. Atelier di Pittura – Art Studio in collaboration with Rotary Larnaca Kition organized the opening party of the upcoming academic year on the 8th of September from 20:00 p.m. […]


ART FIRST: Merianou Vasiliki (Lokta Art) – artist’s profile

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Merianou Vasiliki lives the last 10 years in Lugano, Switzerland, born 1979 in Athens and grew up in Corfu. She completed her studies in Management Health and Welfare Units by working for several years in this subject.   But her great love for paper in any form and the need to create with her hands […]


ART FIRST: Andria Taliadorou – Artist Profile

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Andria Taliadorou is a qualified interior designer specializing in wedding events; nevertheless her love for painting, art and crafts and design has been constant throughout the years. Art for her represents a marvelous world in which she can express herself through all kind of materials.   Andria was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1985. She […]


The Venus Paradox – Art exhibition at Leventis Gallery

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The goddess that has been mostly related to Cyprus as she is being presented from Renaissance and Baroque, Realism and Impressionism to Modern Cypriot art!


Depth Elevation By Rat and Mark

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The Cyprus Diaries   “The Cyprus Diaries” is a 50-minute long continuous concept album, second in the series following the success of Rat’s debut LP “Around The World In 80 Riddims”, which was an homage to world music via a bass producer’s point of view.   The album tells the story of Cyprus’ recent history, […]


ART FIRST: Michalis Georgiou – Artist Profile

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Michalis was born on the 23rd of January in 1987.He lives and works in Larnaca Cyprus.  He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Management and Engineering Management. His love and interest in Art. He is a self-taught painter. The contradictory elements that collide inside him, which create tension, anxiety and […]


ART FIRST: Demetra Vanezi – Artist Profile

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Demetra Vanezi Liasou, is a member of the European Arts Academy of France. She was born in Rizokarpaso, Cyprus. She completed her art studies at the “ABC” School of Art. In total she has presented 14 personal exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad and has also participated in many group exhibitions. She is also a member […]


Penelope Constantinou shows her art at Venice and the Louvre, Carrousel Du Louvre Museum exhibitions.

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Penelope Constantinou was selected to participate in many international exhibitions this year. In July 2017 she went to Venice to participate in 2 international exhibitions one with Anima Mundi at Palazzo Ca Zanardi and the other at AccorsiArte Gallery. She was also selected for another 3 in September 2017 one in Venice the second in […]


ART FIRST: Despina Petridou – Artist Profile

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Despina was born in Ammohostos Cyprus in 1995, and she is currently based in Edinburgh where she is studying Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh.   The charming beauty, complexity and absolute uniqueness of handmade traditional Cypriot lace has greatly inspired her towards a process of re-evaluating traditional crafts. The position of traditional lace-making […]


ART FIRST: Christos Eliades – ”His world and reality is a message through his Art of Dreams of Desires” – Artist Profile

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Christos pioneered his unique artistic style, which he calls Christos is Passion and that he says is derived from his explosive brush strokes, Asian street vendor art, vivid colors, asymmetrical canvas and mixed media combined with his indomitable passionate character and free spirit. Christos travelled extensively the world over and started painting In London in […]


ART FIRST: Elena Koulla – Artist Profile

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Elena Koulla was born in Limassol, Cyprus  in 1982.  She received her MFA degree in Fine Arts from Bristol University of West of England and her BFA in painting from Auburn University, U.S.A.  She now lives in Cyprus and works as an art teacher at a private school and at Limassol adult education centres. She […]


LarnakART – Μαρία Μαύρου

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Γεννήθηκε και μεγάλωσε στην Λευκωσία . Tην αγάπη για την τέχνη την έφερε μαζί την γιατί από μικρή θυμάται τον εαυτό της με πινέλα, χρώματα, πηλό και οποιοδήποτε υλικό θα την βοηθούσε να εκφραστεί. Παρακολούθησε τα πρώτα της μαθήματα ζωγραφικής για μερικά χρόνια με τον ζωγράφο Aντρέα Xαραλάμπους. Aποφοίτησε από το λύκειο Aκροπόλεως και κατατάχθηκε […]


Andreas Ioannidis at the museum of the Louvre, Carrousel du Louvre Musee Exhibition!

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Andreas Ioannidis was born in Larnaca, Cyprus and has been working with art for the last 25 years. He participated in 50 local exhibitions and 25 international with many distinctions. One of these distinctions is his participation in the international exhibition to be held at the museum of the Louvre, in Paris, France, carrousel du […]


G E N E S I S Experience

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KIMERA’S introductory limited-edition/pop-up experience, ‘Genesis’, took place on the 9th and held until 11th of June, 2017 at Plateia Dimarchias in Nicosia. Kimera, is a multidisciplinary artist collective, was founded in January 2017 by four young Cypriot artists that share the same passion and zeal for their work: Aphrodite Koupepidou, Andrea Rotsaki & Efi,Eri Melanidou.



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On the 21st of June at The Cyprus House in New York, three Cypriot artists will present their new creative art work. Ioanna Kythreotou, Thekla Parapodopoulou and Elena Tsigadou will take part at the exhibition within the residency program at the Consulate of Cyprus. The three artists are invited by the curator of the exhibition, Marina Christodoulidou.



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Finally!!! Dance Step is opening their new store in Larnaca. Dance and gymnastic enthusiasts are lucky to be having the opportunity to be visiting one of Larnaca’s best shops in town.


Var Martialis, by Stelios Hadjithomas

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With ‘Var Martialis’, Hadjithomas explores the nature of poetics and pushes its boundaries, transforming prose and verse to voice, sound and noise, ignoring the inherent boundaries of paper.


Art First

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ART FIRST Mission Statement Art First is a new concept of Art Presentation event that aims for: – Presentation of the Artists’ & Designers’ work to the general public, press & buyers – Create a strong Network and exchange Information on the Art Industry – To be one of the highest profile Art Platforms in […]


KIMERA collective presents GENESIS

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The art team of KIMERA collective is presenting their introductory exhibition “GENESIS” on the 9th and ending on the 11th June.


Interpretations & Misinterpretations by Evros Evriviades!

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Interpretations & Misinterpretations by Evros Evriviades! Blue Iris Art Gallery invites you to an exhibition of paintings and installations (a small retrospective) by EVROS EVRIVIADES on Saturday 18 March 2017, 19:00-21:00. Duration: 18 March 2017 – 04 April 2017. The exhibition is one of the gallery’s events for Paphos 2017, European Capital of Cutlure.   […]


Έκθεση της Χάρις Παπαδήμα με τίτλο ”Καλειδοσκόπιο”.

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ΧΑΡΙΣ ΠΑΠΑΔΗΜΑ 18 – 26 Ιανουαρίου 2017 Από την Τετάρτη 18 Ιανουαρίου στις 7:30mm, η γκαλερί Μορφή στη Λεμεσό παρουσιάζει Στη δεύτερη της ατομική έκθεση η ζωγράφος Χάρις Παπαδήμα επιχειρεί σε 29 πίνακες, βασισμένη στη εξπρεσιονιστική τεχνοτροπία του dripping να δείξει το εν και το πολλά στη μοναδικότητα τους. Οι πίνακες καλύπτουν την τελευταία περίοδο […]


Exclusive Handmade Faux Bijoux Exibition by JOCALE DIVINE

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Join us to an exclusive handmade faux bijoux  exibition on Sunday, 18th of December at 16:00 until 20:00 at Barrique Wine &  Deli (Menandrou 4, Nicosia). The collection to be presented   is consisted of artistic style and special design necklaces, bracelets and earings. All pieces are created with selected natural and unique materials such […]


Burst of Coloured Senses – Art Exhibition

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  The exhibition “Burst of Coloured Senses” is an artistic encounter of 8 friends, who happen to be physically in the same place, but convey their art using their own unique luggage. This display of art conveys their common and sole motive of love for art and creation. Their worries and concerns of everyday life […]


5 must visit Modern Architectural Structures: Cyprus

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Architecture structures that takes design in to the next level in Cyprus! by Christos Sevastides   Apostle Peter and St. Helen the Martyr Chapel     Architects Michail Georgiou Location Paphos, Cyprus  (34°77’29.449″N 32° 43’52.93″E) Architectural Design Michail Georgiou, Theresa Kwok Area 0 sqm Project Year 2015 Structural Engineer Odysseas Georgiou Light Design Kyriaki Pafitou Contractor Ioannou […]


The Artist that I Love to Hate_Damien Hirst

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It is sometimes interesting to see an exhibition that you dislike. His work can either fascinate you or disturb your evening sleep. His artworks include dead animal displays, spin-art paintings, and hundreds of butterfly wings which are still sold for exceptionally high prices. Damien Steven Hirst (British,1965) is a significant but controversial artist, entrepreneur, and […]


The painted lens! Trapped in Time by Marina Erotokritou

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“Trapped in Time”. A great collaboration between Italian photographer Marco Barnabino and our Cypriot artist Marina Giannou Erotokritou.


Tim Walker’s Fairy-tale; a story to tell!

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Timothy “Tim” Walker is one of the most creative photographers in the world and dealing with some of fashion’s most exquisite imagery, magical and whimsical aspects.


Deformations by Can Pekdemir

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The work of the artist Can Pekdemir is a work which is hard not to notice since it’s a unique and extraordinary way for anyone to express through photography!


Salvatore Ferragamo “Tra arte e moda” – An extraordinary exhibition

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The new exhibition of Salvatore Ferragamo which opened on the 18th of May, 2016 was sponsored and organized by the Foundation and the Museum Salvatore Ferragamo. It reveals the unique relationship between art and fashion. The distinct piece of this exhibition lies in a combination with other cultural organizations such as the National Central Library in Florence, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Palazzo Pitti Costume Gallery, the Marino Marini Museum, the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and the Textile Museum in Prato.


Most impressive new buildings in the world

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The most impressive buildings in the world ! Architecture is important. It constitutes our built habitat, and when done well, it has the power to improve lives. The Royal Institute of British Architects thinks that’s worth celebrating, and has commissioned the first annual edition of their global architecture award, called The RIBA International Prize. 30 buildings around […]



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An ELECTRIC Art Exhibition by Mona Hatoum at Tate Modern. Mona Hatoum is a Libanese- born Palestinian video & installation artist who lives in London. Mona uses art to provoke psychological and emotional responses and ensures that she always gets a unique reaction from different viewers. “We are always in the ante-room to disaster, if […]


“LOVE” Sculpture by Alexander Milov

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A powerful message “LOVE” Sculpture by Alexander Milov!


Nicosia Art & Design Gathering

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“NICOSIA ART & DESIGN GATHERING” Our Mission is to create a beneficial channel through our event that artists & designers can exhibit their work! Through this channel we offer opportunities and promote the creative work of all artists & designers in a well-organised event. Art galleries will have a private viewing of all the artwork […]