As a friend of PASYKAF you may well be able to introduce a potential donor/sponsor to the charity and so help boost our start to the 2018 fundraising program through The Space Art for Charity.   Thanking you in advance.

You may have spotted them driving along the motorway in their PASYKAF branded vehicles, or, come across them parked outside a house in some outlying village , you or members of your family or friends may even have been visited by them. These are the home care cancer nurses from the Charity PASYKAF who work seven days a week visiting those who have been diagnosed with cancer, and they will over months and even years give necessary support to all who have this debilitating disease.

This registered charity may not be at the forefront of your mind when considering making a charitable donation, you may indeed be fortunate enough to have never needed this unique and deeply essential professional service. The stark facts are that Cancer strikes all ages, all nationalities, and whether rich or poor the need is, and sadly always will be there for these dedicated nurses to visit patients in their own homes and offer their skills, advice and importantly comfort.

What we must ensure is that we keep these professional home care nurses on the road every day of the year as they visit all nationalities in need of their care and as no one is charged for this service, hence they need to 'ask' for donations and sponsors.  

Money as always is needed, and The Space Art for charity is also mounting its third exhibition of artists work again with every single euro generated from the purchase of a piece of art going towards the charity. By donating now the sum of 500 euro we can then expect a final total which will certainly be able to keep our homecare nurses 'on the road' during 2018, and at the same time you as a company will be seen to be contributing to a charity which prides itself on the high quality of care it offers patients..

Thank-you so much for taking the time to read this, and further information on the additional services PASYKAF provides is available on their website

Kindest Regards

Sarah Coyne – Organizer

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