"Building A Dancer': New Documentary on Friday 8 June 2018. Vlog-Documentary highlights the significance of personal brand in the industry of dance. Let’s walk into the journey of success of a Cypriot professional dancer from Larnaca, Yiota Theo (aka Yiota Hadjigeorgiou), in the highly competitive London dance industry. The journey was described by the Volg-documentary, ‘Building a Dancer’. Funny, intimate and raw, Brendon Hansford, Director and Choreographer builds one professional dancer from the ground up, over a four-week period, he wants to demystify this notoriously difficult to break the industry. The film follows professional dancer, Yiota Hadjigeorgiou, who went to the UK to make a living from dancing. On the road to the success facing issues around body image, brand building and facing rejection. The choose of dance as a profession is one of the vlog highlights. From leading experts interviews Matt Steffanina, Britney Cherry, Stuart Bishop, Adam Parson and Dax  O’Callaghan, the documentary offers insights, trends and tips that business professionals can’t take just in the industry of dance, but also on board to build their own brand and become a success in any industry. Brendon Hansford said: “There are many reasons that this documentary will have an effect on any industry that contains freelance workers, not just the dance industry. The film takes one person through a branding process and every step of the way we explain what we are doing and why it's important. On top of that it’s a really emotional and real story of one person struggles to make a career”. Mr Hansford said: “The documentary raises so many issues that dancers are having all over the world and offer a way to break free from the norm and create a sustainable career and ultimately make a difference”. He added: “The documentary has taken over a year from start to finish and as it was my first one I made a lot of mistakes. However; each mistake taught me so many lessons and I learnt so much about the whole process”. The Director and Choreographer said: “Well, the decision was made for me. It started out as an idea and a competition and was only meant to be a small vlog to go to my YouTube channel. However, it grew so quickly that it had to become something bigger!” Yiota said: “I am a professional dancer and model. I have been fortunate enough to work solidly in a variety of areas including: television, live shows, corporate events and music videos. I am currently featuring in the Vlog Documentary - ‘Building A Dancer’. Other professional credits include Instagram, BBC, The One Show, BBC Asian, Verdi Aida, London School of Make Up and Infinity8 Commercial Dance Company.” This documentary is not about how to be a good dancer, but mostly about how to become successful in your own right, they truly are 'building a dancer'. On 8 June 2018, the documentary 'Building A Dancer' will be available to rent or buy it from iTunes and Amazon. 34685765_624626181212642_2765602417683726336_n34675026_624626171212643_9131259771633008640_n 34793809_624626141212646_6224800078956068864_n   Article:  Andrea Charalambous.