The Fashion PR & Marketeer , Zacharias Petrou, presents us with the best way, some photos taken on board for him and Blurred Magazine! We think he really enjoyed it! Zacharias apart from being involved with fashion, he is a steward too in Blue Air, where Blurred Magazine has been placed!

Not only the number of magazines printed is important, but also WHO (direct target group) will be the readers and WHEN (comprehension) someone will read it & how many TIMES (readability) a single magazine will be read.



Why is this important? 1. DIRECT TARGET GROUP: People who travel tend to: a. have a more Active Social Life (more stylish, more international way of thinking) b. Appreciate quality products & services more as being influenced from abroad (Appreciate BLURRED’s advertisements more) c. Know English language (BLURRED is written in English) d. Be more Successful (higher purchasing power) 2. COMPREHENSION: Being on a flight there are not many things you can do; reading BLURRED MAGAZINE gives you a nice way to spend your time enjoying our pages in full. Also, you can concentrate more on pages that you find interesting and you wouldn’t if the scenario of reading was different 3. READABILITY: 95% of the magazines on a flight stay on the airplanes for the next flight. 5% find the magazine so interesting that they take it with them. That means that when we provide 1000 magazines to Blue Air’s 1st flight 1000 people will read it on that flight and another 950 people will read it on the second flight and so on. There will be BLURRED MAGAZINES that will be read more than 12 different people on the flights!


At BLURRED MAGAZINE we try our best for all related parties of ours to ADD as much VALUE to their businesses and brands!

It is our commitment!