On a warm and special evening on 8th of June, the Mayor of Larnaca Andreas Vyras, ribbon-cutted the Xibit Art Gallery in Larnaca, in the presence of Members of the Parliaments and Municipality Counsellors. Shortly after 8pm the place had already been filled by hundreds of friends who wanted to get to know this new artistic space in the city center, which will be a pole of attraction for artists and arty audience. The XIBIT ART GALLERY hosted at its grand opening paintings by the artist Michalis Georgiou. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we have found that there are people in our place who resist misery and spiritual poverty. In a society that supports and accepts worthlessness, the low taste, the discount of the spiritual and artistic values, every genuine artist tries to create and build oases of social resistance and rebirth. This is exactly what the artist Michalis Georgiou, presented to us with his new work. His paintings belong to the category of spiritual work that speaks without the need of complicated interpretations. It aims first at the eyes and from there on at the viewer's soul. Eight paintings, eight different faces, unknown, silent. In a society that wants its citizens to live in the vulgarity of hypocritical oppressive silence, M. Georgiou calls on us to stand up. To stand up at the wrong idols and social standards, at the the fear, at unjustness, at inequality, at anything that hurts our soul. The voice that came out of him and told him this mighty MILA (speak up) is shockingly imprinted on his paintings. A painting exhibition full of substance and meaning, gives all of us the stimulus for new concerns and more progressive perceptions, that will help in a better and more humane way of living. At a time where the arts bleed, XIBIT ART GALLERY is proud to house people of the arts of culture, giving breaths and opportunities not only to young artists but also to the arty audience in the heart of Larnaca. 35082789_10160511220735716_5781520219482619904_n 35114490_10160511221200716_2059123616531873792_n 35130727_10160511221740716_2701620281285279744_n 35130762_10160511220340716_6087654600599404544_n 35130806_10160511222165716_4142158883663642624_n 35134075_10160511221855716_8337292057164906496_n 35143334_10160511220085716_7219721801306210304_n 35143540_10160511221155716_1789655989696331776_n 35143557_10160511222390716_6294442264991105024_n 35144966_10160511220635716_1307761634042707968_n 35145346_10160511220035716_8280779976995766272_n 35145373_10160511222155716_8340669877144518656_n 35146008_10160511222095716_6866287112862302208_n 35146944_10160511221410716_3772582870602743808_n 35148043_10160511220775716_1188093777772806144_n 35151628_10160511220855716_6564113039484780544_n 35160595_10160511221000716_735255374092828672_n 35160596_10160511220910716_7163388374596714496_n 35160604_10160511221935716_642887163179958272_n 35186100_10160511221525716_8656974242602024960_n 35190871_10160511222485716_2668515588195745792_n 35190921_10160511221095716_2269420539787345920_n 35193522_10160511220230716_630899067643232256_n (1) 35193522_10160511220230716_630899067643232256_n 35194183_10160511220240716_6766999043915644928_n 35195782_10160511221945716_3899065697510096896_n 35199048_10160511221565716_7426997335328030720_n 35199071_10160511222335716_5712150643611795456_n 35201873_10160511220580716_5355495575804444672_n 35210627_10160511222245716_4748307506478972928_n 35226013_10160511219740716_2732049948483780608_n 35229530_10160511220010716_6998731118153302016_n 35237400_10160511220185716_3968140797538205696_n 35238009_10160511221395716_7195130729829761024_n 35238060_10160511219895716_8735341727713329152_n 35264588_10160511221325716_7932903680607518720_n 35266399_10160511221080716_8275868819331743744_n 35266925_10160511220690716_4602393848092557312_n 35273574_10160511219880716_5980263427308781568_n 35328331_10160511220880716_3461777381839077376_n 35330510_10160511220390716_2651650063373172736_n 35151373_10160436225805641_2988326897529651200_n 35079467_10160436227990641_2335324300388597760_n Photos: Kyriacos Americanos