Born in 1991 in Romania, adopted and raised up by 2 wonderful people. In 2010 I graduated from the American Academy in Limassol and then I started studying European studies & modern languages in the university of Cyprus. Right from the start I knew that this wasn’t for me, so after I spent my time painting, until I went to the University of Nicosia where I graduated from in 2017.

During my time at University I’ve come to know different people from different backgrounds. I got more into the arts and that was when I was sure that this is what I want to do. ART. After leaving university, I started painting more constantly in order to have my own exhibition with a Friend who is into art as well.

What I really want is to teach someday. For me, knowing a few things and being able to pass it on to other people is really important and in a way fun. Through art you get to know yourself better. You discover many secret sides of yourself, which you had no idea of. Creation never stops. Every time I pick my brush up to paint, a new idea, a new technique comes up and this gets me even more motivated. One last thing. I am Grateful for the people who believed in my right from the start, who were there with me no matter what and kept me going.

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Q: When did you decide you wanted to become a painter, was that a childhood dream?

A: I can say that it was a childhood dream. I remember myself always wanting to create, running around with a piece of paper and a pen in my hand wherever I went leaving doodles,lines,ink,shapes and much more behind. (on walls, on paper, in books). Seeing my parents working in an office, I remember thinking to myself that I could never imagine myself sitting in an office doing all the paper work etc.

Q: When was your first attempt in painting?

A: My first attempt in painting was when I was in class 1 of secondary school. That was when I first got to work with paints, started exploring different painting methods, as well as combining paint with other materials.

Q: What is painting for you and what inspires you the most?

A: Painting is my life. I can’t imagine a day go by without me painting. It feels like a drug which is very addictive and you need your daily dose. My inspiration comes from the people around me, and what I’ve been through in my life so far. What inspires me the most though are feelings. Feelings I deal with everyday which sometimes feel like a roller coaster.

Q: What messages do want to send to the viewer of your paintings?

A: The message I would give to the viewer of my paintings is that sometimes you need to look deeper… and that some things are not exactly as we see them. Let the paintings “speak” to you.

Q: Describe your paintings in 3 words.

A: My paintings in 3 words…kind of hard because it cannot be described in 3 words. What I can say though is that each painting I work on I get attached to. They become a part of me. As soon as I paint on a blank canvas, I see it come alive.

Q: What are your future goals?

A: In the future, I would like to work more on my paintings, discover new techniques etc. I am planning on having an exhibition with a fellow artist soon but what would really get me going though would be to be given the chance to teach. Passing on your own knowledge is something beautiful. You get to share what you know and along the way I am sure that there are many more things for you to learn from your students.