Christos pioneered his unique artistic style, which he calls Christos is Passion and that he says is derived from his explosive brush strokes, Asian street vendor art, vivid colors, asymmetrical canvas and mixed media combined with his indomitable passionate character and free spirit. Christos travelled extensively the world over and started painting In London in 2000 where he was then residing. His life has been troublesome, colorful and glamourous rather untypical of a stereotype artist. At University in London where he studied Economics he spends most of his time behind his beloved Nikon F2 AS taking film photos and printing them. 20664085_10213209660306700_161435239495842161_n 19875688_10212893888492602_6733686460161718770_n 20621161_10213194697012627_3792078352043895073_n 20638204_10213175942463775_4155343356416362115_n 20638724_10213207991344977_8978907927407261559_n   Christos showed in six solos in Cyprus and numerous group exhibitions and during the last three years he is on a World Tour showing in London, Tokyo, Monaco, Biennale Austria, Amsterdam, Vienna, Shanghai, Cyprus etc. Future exhibition contracts among others include New York, London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong etc. Lately in the last four years he removed himself from modern city life to live in recluse by the sea at Protaras, Cyprus. He lives and paints nonstop and considers material needs not so attractive anymore, though more as a medium to live and travel in happiness.   20842032_10213262839516147_6446494577613037878_n 20526088_10213175935263595_7636858184929040300_n 20637961_10213175937143642_2630966477720287261_n   Christos seeks his energy from the sea and of nature and natural media. He uses unwatered paints, rough wood, and his technique reminiscent of a primitive, aboriginal, ethnic style to be found in handicrafts and art of ancient years. Christos says contemporary art is thousands of years old and in his naive way of presenting his style sometimes on purpose, as the particular color he was working with finished and had to use another one. Thousands of Christos made patterns form a harmonious artwork result in conflict. This conflict is what his mind is trying to resolve in search of creating an artwork that in Christos eyes is beautiful. Christos is a passionate personality, a seeker, a searcher, a traveler. His never-ending Dreams of Desires often cause a fiery conflict inside his soul which in turn become a lava of colors, vibrant energy and texture. His vision is to Love Life and the planet, love yourself and dream your desires in a way that makes you happy. His world and reality is a message through his Art of Dreams of Desires.