One of the most Successful Cypriot Models, Andreana Violari completed 12 big jobs in the month April 2016! She participated in one of the biggest Fashion Events the G. ENGLEZOS Fashion Show l Retro Swimwear and she is the co presenter next to Yiota Koufalidou for the Cyprus Fashion Models Awards 2016!


  1. What excites you about Modelling?

When I was little, I loved watching fashion channels and models on the runway. It’s something that I dreamed of. I was able to access the fashion industry the past few years and I am so excited about that, because I love fashion and style. Also I love modeling because as a model it’s always your job to create through mood, pose, and the overall energy you bring to the clothing and the set you’re working on. Basically, you can give your character on the runway and on the clothes you wear.

  1. How do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In five years, I see myself with lots of experience in fashion industry. Also, I had studied primary education and I hope I will be able to combine both.

  1. How do you find the cooperation up to date with Mr Ioannis Mallas?

We have an excellent cooperation and I thank him for the trust that he show me until now.

  1. What is your favorite Slogan?

My favorite moto is: “The biggest opportunity that life gives you it’s called now”.

  1. How do you feel that you are the co-presenter of the Cyprus Fashion Models Awards 2016?

I feel a big honor and pleasure that I selected as co-presenter of the Cyprus Fashion Models Awards 2016. I thought it was a great opportunity, because it was something new for me and as I said earlier “grab opportunities that life gives you now”.